PreFiDo Engineering provides a wide range of development support from initial design to mass production for multiple industries, including automotive, medical technology, consumer electronics, and aerospace applications.

We specialize primarily in the field of e-mobility, developing innovative solutions for all types of electric vehicles: BEV/PHEV, UAV, and beyond.



Innovative design concepts

Groundbreaking ideas are the beginning of successful products. Our practical experience allows us to strike the perfect balance between innovation and reliability.

Our approach is to blend trusted industry standards with newly-emerging technologies to create a concept tailored to your needs.

  • Finding suitable solutions
  • Conceptual design based on appropriate technology combinations
  • Bench-marking, verification and evaluation of concepts

Technology scouting

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive designs and reliable products available.

We achieve this by searching for the newest emerging and sourcing of cutting-edge technologies.

  • Technology and process scouting
  • Finding suitable suppliers and cooperation partners
  • Comparison and selection of the best solutions


Unser Anspruch ist, für Sie stets auf dem neuesten Stand der Technologie zu sein oder diesen für Sie zu bestimmen. Nur mit cutting-edge-Technologien lassen sich marktbestimmende Produkte wirtschaftlich realisieren.

So führen wir für Sie begleitend zur Konzepterstellung die Suche nach neuen Technologien.

  • Technologie- und Prozess-Scouting
  • Suche nach geeigneten Lieferanten und Kooperationspartnern
  • Vergleich und Auswahl der besten Lösung

Technology consulting

Our technology consulting services help our customers find the optimal balance between technology, material and production processes.

We develop personalized approaches based upon your requirements with regard to your industrialization and series production to ensure maximum profitability.

  • Comprehensive analysis of customer need
  • Technical and commercial assessment of possible solutions
  • Customer support and recommendations for a suitable overall concept




Nach der Auswahl der für Sie geeigneten Technologien, führen wir für Sie in diesem Schritt eine Umsetzungsstudie zur Fertigungseinführung durch. Dabei berücksichtigen wir die in Ihrem Hause verwendeten Prozesse.

  • Review der Produktanforderungen
  • Planung für den Musterbau in Zusammenarbeit mit den erforderlichen Kooperationspartnern
  • Review der Material- und Prozesseigenschaften

Feasibility studies

Our manufacturing implementation studies focus on selecting the appropriate technologies for your desired applications, resulting into our recommendations for the final production process.

  • Comprehensive review of production requirements
  • Sample production planning with trusted cooperation partners
  • Review of material and process characteristics

Final product design

We leverage the results of our technology surveys and application analyses to create a final product design, which achieves optimal functionality and efficiency.

  • Detailing of mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Technical and commercial design evaluation
  • Final product design
Beratung Produktqualifizierung

Beratung Produktqualifizierung

Wir unterstützen Ihr Qualitätsmanagement bei der Produktqualifizierung. Dabei berücksichtigen wir Ihr Prozesslandschaft, interne und externe (gesetzliche) Auflagen sowie branchenspezifische Anforderungen.

  • Empfehlungen zum Validationsumfang

  • Begleitung beim Lieferanten- und Kunden-Partnering (B2B)
  • Unterstützung von F&E, PM und SCM

Product qualification consulting

If needed, we will provide experienced support to your quality management team during the product qualification process. Our recommendations integrate internal considerations, including production-specific requirements, with external demands such as government regulations.

  • Recommendations to streamline product validation
  • Facilitate partnering between customer and supplier
  • Support of R&D, PM and SCM activities
Beratung Produktqualifizierung




If your company prefers, we maintain the ability to produce sample prototypes, selecting suppliers and partners from our portfolio exclusively to meet your needs. This service ensures that the samples arrive at your production site as soon as possible.

During the sample production process, we provide comprehensive support, helping recognize important quality characteristics and integrating them into your QMS and SCM.

  • Sample procurement
  • Samples quality evaluation
  • Final product optimization
Unterstützung Serienfertigung - PreFiDo

Unterstützung Serienfertigung

Mit unserem Netzwerk an Kooperationspartnern unterstützen wir Sie bei der Auswahl passender Lieferanten und dem Aufbau Ihrer Supply Chain. Auch bei technischer Kommunikation begleiten wir Sie.

  • Lieferantenvorschlag für die Serie

  • Einbinden potentieller Lieferanten in die QM- und Supply Chain Prozesse
  • Betreuung aller Partnerschnittstellen bis zum Fertigungsbeginn

Serail production support

Maintaining strong relationships with our wide range of partners allows us to help you choose the proper suppliers and establish your supply chain. If needed, we can also assist in creating a clear technical communications link between your company and the selected suppliers

  • Suppliers proposal for serial production
  • Integration of potential suppliers into QM and SCM processes
  • Support of all partner interfaces until the start of serial production
Unterstützung Serienfertigung - PreFiDo
PreFiDo - Planung

Project and process management consulting

If required, we will support you through project phase milestones, propose project changes and optimizations, and maintain process management according to the Advanced Product and Quality Planning.

  • Support of customer project management
  • Centralization of organizational tasks
  • Hereby some examples of typical applications:


Hereby some examples of typical applications:

Zellkontaktier­­lösungen PreFiDo - Berlin

Cell interconnection solutions for battery modules

Be it pouch, prismatic or cylindric – PreFiDo Engineering develops a suitable solution for a wide range of cell types.

In our designs we use various interconnection types – flexible and rigid assemblies, contacted by welding and bonding, with integrated electronic – to meet customer-specific requirements.

Batteriemodul PreFiDo Engineering

Battery module and battery storage development

The modern Li-Ion battery is one of the core components of any modern electrical vehicle, whether personal, commercial, or autonomous, as well as the premiere stationary energy storage system for household or industrial applications.

We offer you customized development of a variety of components, such as battery housing, module interfaces, power distribution units and safety elements.

Signalverteilung PreFiDo

Signal distribution in high-electrified products

Modern cars and devices contain complex connected systems and a wide variety of functions. The narrow installation spaces in cars make the usage of conventional wiring harnesses – which can be miles long – extremely difficult. We generate the optimal electrical infrastructure for your product by the use of modern interconnection technologies.


With cutting edge engineering service, PreFiDo develops for you tailor-made solutions:

  • Concept development in consideration of technical and commercial aspects.
  • Mass production process-oriented product development.
  • Support of industrialization activities: sourcing of first samples and process consulting.

Our philosophy

Advanced Engineering: successful product development incorporating innovations in design and technology.

Vision: primary contact for all market players who shape the future, strivingto create the solutions of tomorrow for the energy problems of today.

Mission: Our innovative approaches allow not only short-term benefits from our services, but also long-lasting sustainable solutions to take our customers into the future.

Values: Tailor-made solutions, customer focus, reliability.


We offer you:

  • Many years of R&D and PM experience with industry-leading car manufacturers and components suppliers,
  • Technical expertise battle-tested by projects for European, Asian and North American customers.
  • Strong, competitive solutions and products with a high degree of efficiency and functionality.